You Don’t Dress for the Occasions

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Some people have a habit of wearing accessories everywhere they go, without caring much about the situations and environment where they are heading to.

Don’t be that guy. You need to think carefully about where you go to pick up the right accessories.       It is also applied to the outlook that you choose to wear with as well.

There are a few places where wearing jewellery will get a big frown from many people. Such as:

Work / Job Interview:

Secondly, because wearing jewellery is not a mainstream style, therefore it could really make you stand out from other candidates and create a bold statement.

However, many people who are not used to this trend will think that you are unprofessional and are a show off, which might not be a good team player and good asset for them.

It is very important to have a good impression but don’t overdo it, it may backfire you. Unless you are attending an interview for a job in fashion or advertising, I suggest you should not wear much jewellery, just your watch and wedding ring is fine.


Colleges could be the one place where people can dress whichever way they feel like. However, for some majors such as law and political study, you should not wear too much jewellery if there is a dress code that you need to follow.


At a gloomy place like in a funeral, nobody wants the appearance of shinny and sparkling items. Therefore, your jewellery needs to be as subtle as possible.

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