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Most guys will want to Invest in a couple of great timepieces: One for everyday use and one that’s more dressy—and maybe a smartwatch in place of or in addition to those.

A watch is probably the most-used piece of jewellery in a man’s ensemble, and when worn right, has the power to instantly elevate his outfit. From everyday wrist-wear to formal dressing, there are tons of watch models and styles. Just some general rules to follow: It’s typical etiquette to wear a watch on the opposite arm you write with so it doesn’t interfere with movements.

Also, make sure it fits; you don’t want to have it hanging down your arm or appearing as if it’s cutting off your circulation (so hold onto the links!).

A classic metal, stainless steel, or a leather-band watch has enough versatility to be worn daily. When it comes to everyday watches, you have more leverage with the style. So that means a hefty, round face with some detailing like a sub dial or date window, as well as textured bezel with a semi-busy band can add a masculine kick. As for colour, this style works great in silver, black, gunmetal, or gold (like the stylish ones in the photo). Just steer clear of crystallised options.

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