Smartwatch and Dressy watch

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Considering it’s the 21st century, this wouldn’t be a watch guide if we didn’t add a smartwatch. So long as your notifications don’t start firing off during meetings, then a smartwatch, like the Apple Watch or styles in the link below, can pass for an everyday watch, too. But nothing more than that. 

A watch shouldn’t clash with everything else you’re wearing, it should accentuate it, so if you have a knack for styling outfits, then go for the bolder more colourful  bands, in addition to the classic leather and metal options which are always safe.

Dressy watch

When it comes time for a special occasion like first date or a wedding, you will want to make sure your timepiece stands out. Typically, the simpler the watch the dressier the look. But you don’t have to rock a Rolex to master the ensemble. Instead, go for a watch that best mimics its sophisticated style. That means a medium-sized face with minimal detailing (like a dial and designer name), masculine numbers (like roman numerals), and an overall elegant aesthetic in a classic gold or silver tone (like the styles in the link below).

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