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Here’s a couple of different ways you can match your bracelet with your watch – resulting in a look that speaks to your inner fashion-loving side:


Matching materials. A watch with a leather band, for example, looks quite elegant alongside a leather bracelet. And a watch with a metal strap band will pair equally well with a metallic bracelet. For a look that’s more on the edgy side, you may want to wear materials that don’t match, such as a beaded bracelet with a metal-banded watch.


Matching colours. One of the hallmark indicators of a fashion-savvy man is an ability to match colours – whether that’s matching his shoe colour with the colour of his belt or wearing a bracelet with a colour that complements his watch in some way. If you’re going to wear a bracelet with a watch, it’s usually best to match the bracelet’s colour with either the watch’s dial or the strap. It’s also generally a good idea to wear complementary colours, instead of contrasting colours, unless you really want to draw focus on your wrist-game (which might be something you want to do!).

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