What Men Should Know When Wearing Jewellery

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A lot of men still believe that wearing jewellery will make them look feminine. This is totally incorrect. Even in ancient times, there were men wearing jewellery and it was considered as a sign of manliness. It was also used as a social symbol which was a sign of strong status and reputation in the society. Kings have always worn and adorned jewellery. It is possible to trace back the history of men’s bracelets to 5000 BC. Men have been wearing a lot of jewellery in recent times and today’s music scene is all about male rappers wearing stylish and modern jewellery. Hence, if you have a misconception that jewellery is only for women, get it out of your head and remember that how you wear jewellery will make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help ensure you wear jewellery in the right way.

The key is simplicity

If you have just started wearing jewellery and are experimenting with new looks, it is recommended that you keep it simple at the start. You can begin by wearing a stylish chain or a watch. Do not overdo it at this stage. After you are comfortable with it, you can begin trying new and complex jewellery which will match with your personality and taste. As an amateur, it is best to stick to simple pieces and focus on buying jewellery that will enhance your personality. Also, since no one has ever seen you in jewellery, they will need time to adjust to the new style and to the fact that you can carry jewellery in style. When you wear too much jewellery right from the start, you can make them uncomfortable and you also might not have the confidence to carry chunky pieces in style.


It helps to be aware of the symbolism which is associated with certain jewellery. It will help you wear it in an appropriate manner so that you do not end up wearing a piece that signifies something that is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to portray. A basic example of the same is an ornamental ring. A lot of men who wear ornamental rings are seen to belong to the upper-class society and if you are such a person, it makes sense to wear an ornamental ring. It is a symbol of power and will project you in the right manner.


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