Stones and metals

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It is advisable to be careful about the stones and metals you choose on your jewellery.

There are some which will perfectly suit you while there are many others which may not. The most common metals in jewellery for men include gold and silver. Silver has a neutral colour and can easily blend with any outfits. It adds a sense of class if you wear it in a perfect manner.

Another metal, gold is known as the ultimate symbol of wealth. Gold and silver jewellery comes in different types and shades. Hence, you need to match it with your skin tone and the decision to buy. Another common metal is copper which has a more reddish colour than gold and gives out a bold vibe.

Lastly, there are precious stones like rubies, diamond, and turquoise which are also worn by men. You can choose to wear jewellery made from these stones but they are usually paired with metal jewellery.



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