Dress Code 101: This Is How A Man Should Dress

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Here's our simple breakdown of the various dress codes and their meaning in US culture, from casual to business casual, smart casual to business to casual, semi-formal to formal. Figuring out what to wear when the dress code is business casual can be tricky. In most cases, it's safe to assume that if the dress code is "business", you should be in a suit (black or grey), jacket and tie. Business Formal allows men not to wear a jacket or tie (depending on the industry) and just keep the shirt, trousers and shoes.    Show Source Texts

A step back from the previous category, the Business Formal consists of a suit (matching jacket and trousers), a smart shirt and a tie (no thin ties). In Singapore, most people think that a shirt and trousers are considered formal business attire, but it is actually considered business casual. For example, men, if your organization's culture requires you to wear a suit on "professional workdays," wear a blazer when you're dressing business attire. For example, most men at their friends' weddings tend to wear business casual (no tie) or just a blazer, casual shirt, chinos, and pumps.    Show Source Texts

Black tie is the most formal dress code and always suggests that men should wear tuxedos and women should wear suits. Some people will wear tuxedos and suits, so if you decide to go with cocktail wear, just make sure you can stand next to your black tie colleague and look just as formal. Formal, Black Tie, and Black Tie Optional events are among the most extravagant dress codes, and you're likely to be surrounded by crowds full of tuxedos and floor-length dresses. The dress code offered at many daytime semi-formal events (especially business dinners and conferences) is formal, requiring a tailored suit, pantsuit, or other form of formal dress.    Show Source Texts

Whether your new job involves employees wearing casual work clothes or you receive a wedding invitation with an "extra black tie" underneath, we've got you covered. Even though the name has the word "casual" in it, the word "business" is also there, so always make sure you look sophisticated and professional. When dressing in business casual style, try to add a touch of style to your wardrobe; Recognize that the "true" definition of business casual is to dress just one step less than what you normally wear on your professional or corporate wear days.    Show Source Texts

While jeans are allowed in many offices, if you're worried about looking too casual, consider wearing some sort of trousers (chinos, colored jeans, or dress pants) and a nice top or blouse. While you can wear buttons with dresses and buttons with a Harrington jacket for example, I generally recommend pairing buttons with formal outfits like dresses and buttons with casual outfits. We know that dress pants and button-down shirts are more formal than t-shirts and jeans.    Show Source Texts


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